St. Anne Centre Annual General Meeting

The 2019 Annual General Meeting was held June 25th at the New Horizons Seniors Club, Arichat.  Reports were presented by the various committees and the outgoing members were recognized for their outstanding contributions.   The following reports were presented at the AGM.

2018 SAC FS(Auditors report) -No Compensation to Disclose according to the Required Disclosure of Compensation in Accordance with the Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act (“PSCDA”).

SAC AGM Agenda June 2019

Minutes SAC Annual Meeting June 2018

SAC CEO AGM Presentation 2019

2019 AGM Medical Advisor Report

Auxiliary report for 2019 AGM

Annual Report Governance June 2019

Board meetings are held at St. Anne Centre every third Thursday of each month, September through June.

Board meetings are open to the public . Requests to attend can made through the board secretary or by contacting Lynn LeBlanc, CEO.