Board Policies

Our Board Policies: Please be aware that Board Policy numbers may not always be in sequence. A Board policy may be removed if it no longer applies. The number will be used in time as new policies are developed.

001 Board Policy Development

002 Administration of St. Anne Centre Society Development

003 Administration of Donation Account

004 Tenders

005 Interviewing Prospective CEO

006 Access to Credit Union Safety Deposit Box

007 Risk Management

008 Review Period of Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles

009 Interview Board Appeal Process

010 Strategic Plan Review and Evaluation

011 Administrator Nurse Manager Appraisal

012 Board of Directors Evaluation

013 Board Member Travel Expenses

014 Code of Ethics for St. Anne Centre Business Practice

015 Management of Ethical Issues

016 Research Process

017 Organizational Charts – St. Anne Centre Departments

018 St. Anne Centre Web Site

019 Board Orientation Program

020 Integrated Quality Management

021 Business Information and Intellectual Property Rights

022 Issuing Receipts for Charitable Donations

023 Recognition of Staff and Volunteers for Excellence in Service

024 Integrated Quality Management Plan Review

025 St. Anne Centre Historical Records

026 St. Anne Centre Archive Records

027 St. Anne Centre Therapeutic Garden

028 Honorary Society Memberships

029 St. Anne Centre Organizational Communication

030 Client Safety

031 Board Membership Recruitment a Board Member

Board Education

Board of Directors Sustaining an Effective Board