Board of Directors

 Board of Directors for 2016-2017:

St. Anne Centre is a non profit society owned by the citizens of Isle Madame and Louisdale. The Board of Directors are appointed or elected according to the by-laws and they maintain overall responsibility for the operations of the Centre. The day to day operations are managed by  CEO as authorized by the Board of Directors. St. Anne Centre By-Laws changed in June 2015. Directors are now chosen from any of the communities from Isle Madame and Louisdale. Every year three are chosen. One third of the Board is replaced annually. A board member can only serve for 2 consecutive terms. A representative from Richmond County Council and St. Anne Centre auxiliary are appointed yearly.

St. Anne Centre By Laws 2015

 Board of Directors 2016/2017
 Chair Eugene Samson
Vice Chair Vacant
 Treasurer Joanne DeCoste
 Secretary Jeanette Ellis
  St. Anne Centre  Auxiliary Jeannette Ellis
Community Representatives  Janasta Doiron
Joseph Samson
Monique Samson
Karen Pottie
Richard Boudreau
 James Goyetche


 The Board of Directors may be contacted through the Administrator – Annette Fougere.