Memory Lane

 Residents who lived among us……………


Anthony “Tony” Samson, lived at St. Anne Centre from October 2011 until September 2012. Formerly from Lousdale , he lived with his spouse, Frances affectionately known as Mama, and six children. He was known to family and friends as Tiger and over the years developed many “Tigerisms”.  He enjoyed fishing, hunting, trips to the casino, or sharing in the famous three finger alcoholic beverage of your choice. He was devoted to his family, his community and service to his country.  During his stay at St. Anne Centre he enjoyed hearing the french language spoken and loved to respond in kind whenever he could.

Clara MacDonald, 101, was a former resident of D’Escousse where she lived with her husband, Francis and two daughters. Her passion included cooking and gardening. She had the most beautiful flowering crab tree in her front yard. She loved admiring the abundance of blossoms it bore from year to year. She was devoted to her children, grandchildren and extended family who were frequent visitors to St. Anne Centre. Although her hearing had deteriorated, she enjoyed reading the local papers to keep up with events in her community.



Colin DeCosteCollie DeCoste, 90 , left us on Christmas Day 2012. Born in Cap Auguet, he was very happy to have a view of the Arichat Harbour while at St. Anne Centre. Collie was a very sociable person who loved to tell stories, especially about his life on the sea. He loved to talk about ships, boats and fishing and many would come to verify certain historical facts about the local fishery of days gone by . He knew just about everyone on the Island and everyone knew him.


Elsie Smith Annie Elsie Smith came to live at St. Anne Centre in May 2012. In her short time with us she endeared herself to staff, residents and visitors alike.  She was a Burkey formerly of L’Ardoise and enjoyed speaking French with all who would. She had a wonderful sense of humor and was game to participate in activites as her health allowed. She left us on January 23rd, 2013 and will surely be missed by all.


Martha Boudreau


Martha Boudreau came to live at St. Anne Centre, July 2012.  She was a former resident of Boudreauville, who with her husband, Ben, ran a general store. She was much loved by many nieces and nephews for her geneosity , her wit and her musical abilities. She left us on February 1, 2013.




Leonie Samson

Leonie Samson, left us Febraury 15th, 2013. She had been a resident since 2002. Her family were the centre of her life. Their attention and daily visits demonstrated the respect and love they had for her and she for them.  Normally a quiet lady, she blossomed at St. Anne Centre. She became active in life at St. Anne by participating in as many activities as she could. She was president of Resident Council and a great advocate for fellow residents. She had the same room mate for the past six years and will be missed by residents and staff alike.


Lena Boudreau

Lena Boudreau-Jeffrey was a resident at the Centre since 2010. She loved joking with staff and visitors and especially loved her frog collection. Much of her room was decorated with pictures of family and mementoes she had collected over the years.





Anna Bourque


Anna Mae Bourque was a resident of St. Anne Centre for the past 7 years. She lived most of her life in River Bourgeois raising a large family. Family was very important to Anna and they were devoted to her. It was very common to see one of her children pushing her chair up and down the halls. She and her family had a generous spirit, as they enabled us to use her private room on many occasions for other residents’ needs. She left us on April 18, 2013.



Agnes DeCoste 2


Agnes DeCoste was a resident of our facility for a brief period of time. She came to us from the Port Hawkesbury  Nursing Home , enabling her to live out her time in her community. Agnes was a lady of few words, but she had the ability of conveying her intentions leaving you in no doubt of her meaning. She loved music and loved to dance. She loved to come up beside you and put a candy in your pocket.  She and her family had  a special bond, evident by the care and attention they gave her.


Estelle Ranson

Estelle Ranson will best be remembered for her love of family, playing cards and life in general.  She was born in Poulamon and lived a long time in D’Escousse. In later years, she lived with her daughter and family in Louisdale.  Her grandchildren loved her dearly and she was extremely proud of them. Staff and residents will miss her smile and wonderful sense of humor.



Joesph BoudreauJoe Boudreau, formerly from Petit de Grat, left us on August 20th, 2013 – a few months shy of his 99th birthday.  Although a quiet man, he enjoyed watching other residents play 45 on a nightly basis. He was also a man who loved to walk up and down the hall -much as he had done in the community.  His family have been frequent visitors to both Joe and Freda and have volunteered many hours for the benefit of all residents.


Raymond Samson


Raymond had been a resident at St. Anne Centre for a number of years. He passed away on August 31, 2013. His wife Edith, was a daily visitor to the centre. During the last few years, his health prevented him from participating fully in life at the Centre.


Bob NichollRobert Nicholl was a resident of the Veteran’s Unit at St. Anne Centre.  His wife Muriel is also a resident. Originally from Estevan Saskatechwan, Bob was a life long service man.  Prior to living at the Centre, Bob lived in D’Escousse for many years with his first wife Lucy and second wife Muriel. His best friend, Buddy was a regular visitor to the Centre.


John Robert “Bob” Michaud (93 yrs)

Bob came to St. Anne Centre from Port Hawkesbury.  He was a veteran of the second World War having served overseas in the British Isles and Continental Europe with the 3rd Mechanical regiment of the Royal Canadian Artillery. He was a member of the Overseas War Veteran’s Association, Br.1, Pictou, a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, Br. 43 Port Hawkesbury, former member of Br.59, Antigonish and Br. 37, Mulgrave. He was an honorary member of the Evergreen club, Port Hawkesbury and a member of St. Joseph Parish, Port Hawkesbury. Family was important and he enjoyed the many visits he received from his wife, Elsie, his children and grandchildren.  Although he was at the Centre for a short period of time, he was a valued member of our family. Bob left us on February 18, 2014.


James TyrrellJames Tyrrell, 97 left us on Sept.5, 2104. He was known as Jimmy to residents and staff.  He was a veteran of World War II. St. Anne Centre is built on property once owned by the Tyrell family. He and his wife Viola lived next door to the Centre.  Jimmy’s face would always light up when one of our staff would begin singing songs he may have once sang. He would recall and sing them with staff and derive great pleasure from it.