Resident Plan of Care

The Resident Plan of Care:

Each Resident has a plan of care that is individualized and focused on their unique needs.  The plans are created and updated regularly by the Interdisciplinary Team working with Residents and their families to support each resident’s life-long patterns, and current interests, strengths and needs.  A plan of care is a custom made strategy for how the staff will help a resident.  It says who does what, for whom, when, where, and how often.  It addresses all aspects of life in the nursing home, not just immediate health needs.  Care plans can address any medical or non-medical problem.  The plan of care is used to give guidance to the team as they provide care to our Residents.

The care team ensures the care plans are resident focused by working with the resident/delegate/authorized family to incorporate the resident’s goals, expectations, preferences, characteristics, previous daily routines and right to choose.